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        Latest announcements:
        Address:Changchun Chaoyang Economic Development Zone Xingmin Road 1118
        Email:cchwkj@ huiweikeji.com
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        Changchun Huiwei Technology Development Limited and Changchun Polytechnic University

        Changchun Huiwei Technology Development Limited and Changchun Polytechnic University

          On the morning of March 27, 2015, the opening ceremony was held in Changchun Huiwei Technology Development Co. Ltd.. General Manager of Huiwei Technology Gaohongwei, Deputy General Manager Liuyi, Yanlikai, Mengxiangquan, Vice President of Cheung Tech, Shiguoquan, Dean of the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Caoguohua, Vice President of the Department of High Arts, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and its Automation Xuying, Deputy Director of the Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Dengchunxia, teacher of the Department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Liangmei and all employees of Changchun Huiwei Technology Development Co..
          The ceremony is divided into two parts: one is a symposium attended by the two sides, and the other is the Huiwei Technology General Manager Gaohongwei and Vice President Shiguoquan for the internship base.
          The meeting was held in a warm and harmonious atmosphere. The general manager of Huiwei Technology, Gao Hongwei, introduced the general situation of the company and showed the technology, strength and contribution of the production line in the military and civil explosives industry. Caoguohua, Dean of the Institute of electromechanical engineering, introduced the general situation of teachers, scientific research and laboratories of the Institute of electromechanical engineering, and the Vice-Chancellor of the University of history expressed his views on the establishment of the internship base. He proposed that the cooperation between the institute and huiwei technology should focus on the long term, with the aim of strengthening the cooperation in production, learning and research, combining academic theory with industry practice, and building a new win-win situation between enterprises and universities.
          After the meeting, Gaohongwei, General Manager of Huiwei Science and Technology, and Shiguoquan, Vice President of Long Tech held a ceremony.
          The official listing of Changchun Polytechnic University in Changchun huiwei technology development limited company practice and practice base will further promote the exchange and cooperation between the company and the school, enhance students hands-on ability and practical skills in the course of cooperation between the school and enterprise, and train more and better talents for the enterprise. The event was a great success!

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