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        2011 Press Conference of the China

        2011 Press Conference of the China

          On January 14, the 2011 press conference of the China was held at Headquarters. Vice General Manager of the Group, members of the Party Group and Chief Accountant Lishouwu made authoritative announcements to the 12 central mainstream media outlets of the Group, detailing the holding of the Groups 2011 working session, the Groups development achievements, its work in 2010 and its twelfth five-year plan, its work deployment in 2011, and responded enthusiastically to questions from journalists. Chaired by Wangjinwen, Chef de Cabinet.
          In 2010, Party and national leaders from Lishouwu, Jiangzemin Wubangguo, Lichangchun, Li Keqiang, Zhouyongkang, Zhangdejiang, Wangqishan and other parties visited the Group on 22 occasions.
          On January 12, Comrade Li, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Political Bureau, made important instructions on the work of the Group Company and put forward clear requirements for publicizing the achievements of the reform and development of the Group Company, Lichangchun said. Lishouwu hoped that the central mainstream media and the group companies work together to put Lichangchuns important spirit of guidance in place, so that the community better and deeper understanding of the group companies.
          Lishouwu pointed out that during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, the strategic traction power of the Group of Companies strong, reform and development bright spots, in 2009, "622 Strategy" perfect closure, "early completion of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan goals," 211 Strategy "first victory, the transformation and upgrading start well. In the past five years, the groups economy has developed rapidly, and it has grown into a world-class enterprise. Four consecutive years by Sasac as the performance evaluation of Central Enterprise A units.
          The revenue of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan increased by 27.49 percent annually, the profit increased by 49.31 percent annually, the total assets increased by 21.0 percent annually, and the tax collected increased by 39.37 percent annually. The construction of innovative enterprise groups has achieved remarkable results. The cumulative scientific and technological investment of 28 billion yuan, is "15" 5.6 times; The open innovation system has basically taken shape, with three state-level technology centers and 12 provincial and ministerial technical centers, nine new national defense science and technology centers and industrial, academic and research cooperation with more than 70 universities and scientific institutions; Possession of patents exceeding 5,500, or 6.6 times the "fifteen"; 2009 was named the countrys second "innovative enterprises". Structural adjustment is a historic leap. The 35 business policy bankruptcy was successfully completed, a large batch of social functions project divestiture, clean up 430 non-main subsidiary companies.The main industrial plate shall be made of military products, automobiles, motorcycles and Optoelectronics. The 26 projects involving a total investment of 5.1 billion yuan and the addition of 1.17 million square meters of new construction have been carried out successively. Strategic status and social influence have increased significantly. Weapons and equipment to achieve a generational leap in the countrys major tasks played an irreplaceable important role. The automobile industry is firmly in the first camp in China, of which the independent brand cars are the first in China and the thirteenth in the world. The soft power construction has made a great breakthrough. To uphold the sacred mission of "serving the army and strengthening enterprises and enriching the people" and to vigorously advocate the core idea of "being first, being first, being first, refusing excuses and acting immediately"; We will continue to strengthen the awareness of the market, competition and crisis, vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening talent and enterprise, focus our efforts on improving the scientific level of Party building and ideological and political work, and fulfill the duties of the Party Committee Secretary as the "nine first responder".
          Lishouwu pointed out that in 2011, the groups transformation and upgrading began to see results, "211 Strategy" first victory, the full year to achieve revenue of 253.3 billion yuan, 37.1 % year-on-year growth; Total profit 7.65 billion yuan, 37.5 % year-on-year increase; The economic added value was 5.78 billion yuan, 28.1 percent year on year. Export delivery value 99.60 billion yuan, 46 .7 % year-on-year growth; Tax payments amounted to 19.5 billion yuan, an increase of 42.8 per cent over the previous year. Continuous optimization of the industrial structure, the strength of the main industry is significantly enhanced. We will strengthen strategic cooperation with relevant provinces, municipalities, central enterprises and transnational corporations to promote win-win progress. Automotive industry actively joined the central enterprise electric vehicle industry alliance, 6 auto production bases have been laid the foundation; Sign a joint venture with Peugeot Citroen. New energy vehicles are growing rapidly, selling 2.37 million vehicles a year, an increase of 30.94 percent over the previous year. Power transmission year realized order 127 million KVA, Transformer market share reached 10 %.New energy revenue reached 6.1 billion yuan, an increase of 154 percent over the previous year. Reconstructed Yunnan internal combustion engine general plant, Yunnan Transformer electric Co., Ltd., zhongyuan special steel IPO financing 711 million yuan, changan A shares issued approval, the establishment of arms equipment industry fund. Establish Southern Motorcycle Industry Company, Ministry of Civil Goods and Office of New Energy Industry. We should give priority to good characters and improve the quality and efficiency of development. We will do our utmost to improve efficiency and enhance profitability, and the profit growth of the whole year will exceed the revenue growth. Main business profit margin increase 0.45 percentage point; Cost increases for the period were 3.9 percentage points below the increase in operating income; The net operating cash flow was higher than that of the previous year, reaching 19.59 billion yuan.The turnover rate of the groups industrial inventory accelerated 0.63 times year on year, and the turnover rate of accounts receivable accelerated 0.76 times year on year. The cost lead action plan has been promoted throughout the whole process, with a cumulative cost saving or creation value exceeding 1.9 billion yuan. Lean production and management is advanced in depth, saving 35,000 square meters of production area. Strengthen corporate governance, strengthen risk prevention and control, and integrate risk management into the performance appraisal system. We will focus on strengthening independent innovation and continuously improve our core competitiveness. We will continue to improve the research and innovation system for military and civilian goods. The capability of design, independent innovation and basic research at the top level of military products has been continuously enhanced. Automotive research and development forms the global pattern of "five countries and nine regions". Establishment of new energy technology research and development center, academician workstation officially listed. With 18 famous colleges and universities to build automobile power and transmission key technical alliance. We will increase investment in research and development, with the scientific research investment ratio reaching more than 3.6 %, and the contribution rate of new products exceeding 50 %.Advance the intellectual property project. The number of patents granted exceeded 800 throughout the year, ranking among the leading central enterprises. We will vigorously strengthen the building of staff and teams and give full play to the role of personnel protection. Completion of the "third round of mass inspection" and the "four good teams" to create the assessment. The competitive selection of cadres has been intensified, and for the first time, the posts of directors of departments at headquarters have been publicly recommended and the difference selected. Efforts were made to bring in high-level personnel from overseas, and 4 experts were added to the "Millennium Plan". A total of 10 people were selected for the "Millennium Plan", ranking first among the central enterprises. We will vigorously carry out activities on the theme of "four talks" to create first and win excellence, and build the Party to a scientific level.In accordance with the unified central planning, the group companies have carried out in-depth activities on the theme of "speaking politics, integrity, dedication and harmony". Party group of group company puts forward, say politics is clear what course to take, keep high accord with party central committee all the time, perform political responsibility, economic responsibility and social responsibility faithfully; To be honest is to be clear about who you are, to set up a correct world Outlook, outlook on life, values and power, status and interests, and to contribute to the state and enterprises. Talking about dedication is to make clear what to do, think big, do big, achieve big, do not have an accident as the foundation of the body, the foundation of entrepreneurship, the construction of the country needs, group development needs; To speak of harmony is to make clear what wind of trees, set up sincere Unity, tolerance and fraternity of good culture, the truth-seeking and pragmatic, real and practical wind.
          Looking to the future, Li said that the group will further promote the "seven adjustments" and accelerate the transformation of development. In accordance with the requirements of the central government to speed up the transformation of the mode of economic development, the group companies, in the light of the urgent need of the 211 Strategy, put forward the "seven adjustments", namely: adjustment of the thinking of development, industrial product structure, science, technology and innovation system, management mode, market structure, organizational personnel structure and distribution mechanism. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan period, the Group will further implement the 211 Strategy to improve the quality and efficiency of economic development and enhance its capacity for independent innovation and core competitiveness. In accordance with the "211 Strategy" plan, by the end of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the profit was quadrupled to more than 20 billion yuan on the basis of 2009; The annual per capita income of the staff and workers doubled to more than 60,000 yuan; The business income has doubled to more than 380 billion yuan, and efforts have been made to develop four major sectors in the manufacture of special products, vehicles, new energy sources and equipment, so as to create a internationally competitive civilian-military integrated enterprise group.
          The brilliant achievements of the reform and development of the CWC and the remarkable features of the transformation and upgrading have aroused the high concern of the news media at the meeting. Li responded enthusiastically to every question posed by the reporter.
          When asked by a reporter why the MGG used the "seven adjustments" as an important way to change the mode of economic development, Li said that in accordance with the requirements and deployment of the fifth plenary session of the 17th CPC Central Committee on the transformation of the mode of economic development, the Groups companies took the "seven adjustments" as an important tool to accelerate the transformation of the mode of development, which was widely accepted by the Group. Reflected in all aspects of production, operation and reform and development.
          In previous years, because of our weak, small scale and weak strength, the group of companies, especially the member units, have a big urge to fast, many enterprises have embarked on a speed scale development. The phenomena of extensive operation, rough management and low efficiency exist to varying degrees, and the epitaxial growth mode such as investment pull, merger and reorganization has become the most important way for enterprises to develop. This kind of epitaxial growth mode, does not meet the requirement of scientific development view, is not sustainable, can not be sustained, the transformation of development mode is urgent for group companies.
          Through in-depth study and understanding of the scientific outlook on development, we put forward the "seven adjustments" based on extensive research, profound reflection, scientific argumentation and systematic summary of the groups latest practice of corporate transformation and upgrading. We should adjust the thought of development, industrial product structure, science and technology innovation system, management mode, market structure, organizational personnel structure and distribution mechanism in an all-round, deep and systematic way, and turn our attention and focus of development to the pursuit of value creation and to the realization of harmonious and sustainable development. At the heart of the "seven adjustments" is inclusive growth to drive a qualitative leap in development through endogenous dynamics; The way is innovation development, mainly relying on the progress of science and technology, management innovation and improvement of labor quality, in stimulating the development potential; The aim is to improve the quality and efficiency of development and enhance the capacity for independent innovation and core competitiveness.
          When asked how the elimination of policies such as automobile purchase tax benefits will challenge the leading industries such as the automobile of the group company, and how the group will deal with it, Lishouwu said that the adjustment of the National industrial policy is due to the prudent decision made by making comprehensive judgment on the macro situation of economic development, which the group company attached great importance to, carried out serious research and carried out systematic deployment in product development and marketing. Group companies will always provide high quality products and services to consumers in accordance with national policy adjustments and market changes, ensuring the sustainable and healthy development of leading industries.
          When asked by journalists what were the most notable achievements of the Group during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, Lishouwu believed that during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, all aspects of the Groups company reform and development had made great strides, the most notable achievement being the leapfrogging of the economy. Group companies focused on the main business to do strong, obvious results. Reconstruct China Airlines, enhance the independent innovation ability, stable the first camp of the auto industry. Merger and acquisition of Tianwei Group, high cut-in, high point start, high speed development of new energy industry, formed a new economic growth pole; The strength of the equipment manufacturing industry and industry leadership capability has been significantly enhanced.Through unremitting efforts, the Group has rapidly grown into a military industry group with the highest degree of market marketization in the defense-related science, technology and industry, the best combination of military and civilian forces, the largest economy and the largest tax payment, a country with the highest innovation capacity in the industry and the highest number of patent holders of central enterprises as "innovative enterprises", and a world-class enterprise ranking among the top 500 enterprises in the world. This period is the period in which the economic development ability and level of a group of companies can be improved most rapidly, the face changes the most, and the employees benefit the most.
          When asked by a reporter how the group was first in the "millennium plan" and how it was achieved, Li said that the group firmly seized the historical opportunity of the country to implement the "millennium plan", using strategy as a traction, using the principle of "get in, use well, stay in", focusing on high-level talent from overseas, We will make breakthrough progress in building a contingent of talents with the goal of greatly enhancing the ability of independent innovation. Implementation of the "first mover" project. Group company has set up with the general manager Xubin as the leader of the overseas high-level personnel leadership group, held a special meeting to study major issues; During the meeting with the experts, General Manager Xubin gave the experts his mobile phone number and opened the "through train". Special treatment. The establishment of a special fund for the "Millennium Plan" and monthly allowances for specialists employed by the group,And stipulates that he shall enjoy the deputy office treatment of his unit; Changan car provides "three keys" for specialists of the "Millennium Project": laboratory, housing, car; Tianwei gives long-term incentives such as equity and options. Building a business platform. Group company to "thousand person plan" expert committee heavy duty, let it bear the key scientific research project, become enterprise development top pillar. Changan automotive overseas high-level personnel led by the research and development team has accumulated more than 1000 patent applications, the largest automotive industry in China. Duanzhihui, an expert on the Millennium Project, developed two hybrid systems for Chang an, bringing the hybrid systems to advanced levels worldwide. Huangyuelong and Maiyaohua maintain the world record for single junction microcrystalline cell conversion efficiency. Cultivate a culture of talent. We will create a soft environment in which "individuality is respected, innovation is encouraged and tolerance fails", carry out activities of "double concern" and set up an all-around, individualized service guarantee system.
          When a reporter asked, as a well-known CCC, how to develop strategic emerging industries, strategic emerging industries development of what challenges, Li said that the development of strategic emerging industries is a national strategic deployment, is the strategic choice of the group. In recent years, the worlds leading scientific and technological development, focused on the National development strategy, new energy industry, new energy vehicles, high-end equipment manufacturing as the groups strategic emerging industries. For the development of strategic emerging industries, we focus on the following aspects: one technology. With an eye to the high end, carry out a full technological path planning, constantly break through key technologies, and comprehensively improve industry leadership. Polysilicon solar energy, thin film solar cell technology into the world first-class. New energy car technology level and industrialization capacity in the automotive industry in China, creating the first in many industries. Two grab mode.With a view to the long term, give full play to the advantages of the industrial chain, constantly enhance comprehensive competitiveness. Photovoltaic industry is the most complete enterprise in China. The wind power industry is formed by wind turbine, blade, tower and wind farm. The new energy car strengthens the linkage with the local government, and signs the strategic cooperation agreement with the Chongqing government and the United States Denver City to develop the new energy car; Joined the central enterprise electric vehicle industry alliance; Actively and Peugeot Citroen, Ford and other enterprises to launch new energy car development cooperation. Three grip layout. Focus on the global, constantly optimizing the strategic layout.Focus on the global, constantly optimizing the strategic layout. New energy industry holding US HOKU company, successfully took the first step of international development; We will continue to strengthen cooperation with relevant provinces and municipalities to build new energy industry parks such as Baoding, Chengdu, Truong Xuan, Yangzhou and Wuhan. New energy vehicles in Beijing, Trung Khanh and other areas to build industrial bases; High-end equipment manufacturing industry has become one of the most optimal layout and matching ability group.
          Lishouwu believes that strategic emerging industries, as not yet fully mature industries, its development has encountered many challenges, of which the biggest is the technological path choice and the pace of the enterprise itself. In this respect, the first is through the road to open up, constantly accelerate the pace of technological progress, efforts to improve leading industry development capacity, master the initiative of competition; Second, we will increase investment in a variety of ways to increase the speed of development and the overall strength, so as to make positive contributions to the occupation of future competitive heights.
          When asked by journalists about the construction of the global collaborative research and development pattern of the "five countries nine places", Li said that we have successfully constructed the single "five countries nine places, each with a focus on" global collaborative research and development pattern, based on the goal of building a world-class automobile enterprise, based on the comprehensive and rapid improvement of autonomous innovation capability, and using the resources of global advantage as a means. Built in Chinas Beijing, Shanghai, Trung Khanh, Jiangxi, Harbin, Yokohama, Italy, Turin, the UK Nottingham eight major research and development center is under construction in Detroit, USA. It should be said that this kind of transnational collaborative research and development model is in the leading level in domestic automobile enterprises. Each research and development center is located in the automobile industry technical plateau, information rich, market important place, each center according to the unified planning, each has the characteristic, coordinates the work.
          Trung Khanh is the center of the global research and development system, and the Beijing will be targeted at the North China region for commercial vehicles(light), new energy and policy research. Research institutes in Harbin and Jiangxi provide research and development support to local production bases. The Turin development center in Italy focuses on the look and car development, the Tokyo development center in Japan is mainly engaged in interior design and other aspects of the development center in Nottingham, UK towards the changan global power assembly development core base. The "five countries and nine regions" research and development model has achieved "all-weather" innovation in research and development, and the capabilities of Chang an automotive modelling design, interior layout and model production have been greatly enhanced.
          When asked by a reporter why the military dress group "four talk" as the theme of creating first competition and excellence activities, Li said, in accordance with the requirements of the central government from the beginning of 2010, the group company in the industry to carry out a wide range of the theme of "speaking politics, integrity, dedication, and harmony." This activity is full of distinctive military dress features, has achieved good results, is highly confirmed by the ministry, Sasac and other superior departments. "Four talking" embodies the characteristics of the group company. The "Four Talk" campaign calls on Party members, especially leading cadres of Party members, to resolutely carry out the central decision-making and deployment, bearing in mind the mission of "safeguarding the armed forces and reporting to the government", and constantly strengthening political, economic and social responsibilities, thus fully reflecting the essential attributes of the group companies as military industrial blocs and central enterprises. "Four talks" reflect the voice of the workers.Group companies, through the "four talk" activities, encourage the vast number of Party members and staff members to learn advanced, catch up with advanced, make contributions, and set an example, promote the level of business management and economic efficiency step up, with better development results to benefit the workers, in line with workers new expectations. A goal was achieved. "Four talks" activities are the organic combination of the prescribed and optional movements, the coordination and unity of the central deployment and the implementation of the group, and the vivid practice of scientific and harmonious development. In general, therefore, the implementation of the "four talks" initiative is not only a concrete demand for the implementation of the central spirit, but also an important ideological guarantee for the in-depth promotion of the "seven adjustments", the acceleration of the transformation of the development pattern and the successful implementation of the "211 Strategy" and the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan".
          When asked by journalists about the development and introduction of new energy vehicles of the CPAG and the leading industrial capital operation, Li said that the CPAG will use the development of new energy vehicles as a sharp weapon to catch up with the worlds advanced level and revitalize the automobile industry in China, and as a key point for the next development of the CPAG auto industry. We will accelerate the pace of market popularization and actively provide new energy vehicles with reliable technology and practical economy to consumers, so as to occupy the high ground of new energy vehicles and make continuous contributions. The group will coordinate resources, strengthen contacts and interaction with the government, enterprises and all sectors of society, amass resources of global advantage and increase investment in the new energy automobile industry.Group companies attach great importance to the management of listed companies, strengthen the integration of production and production, create a better financing environment for the development of the leading industries of the group companies, actively promote the dominant industries and enterprises of the group companies to the capital market, increase the degree of integration of the group companies with the capital market, and strive to realize the win-win development of the group companies and capital market demand.