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        "All automatic relay and detonator injection technology and equipment" scientific and technological achievements appraisal will be held in the Son Tay pot.

        "All automatic relay and detonator injection technology and equipment" scientific and technological achievements appraisal will be held in the Son Tay pot.

          The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has organized a scientific and technical results appraisal meeting on "Technology and equipment for automatic relay detonator injection" in Shanxi Huohua Group Co., Ltd.. The appraisal committee considers that the research project adopts computer and automatic control technology, the production line adopts linear layout and flat layer alternating injection, and the two pouring finished explosive charge, thus realizing continuous and automatic relay detonator production; The automatic injection equipment and comprehensive nursing equipment were developed, and the product quality was improved. The automatic packing equipment such as industrial robot was used to realize the automation and flexibility of product packaging.Safety protection measures such as production line safety facilities, safety interlock and equipment self-diagnosis system are reasonable and effective. Key production equipment has passed the safety status evaluation of Beijing. The equipment and production line developed by the trial run, a total trial production of more than 100,000 detonators, the product through inspection and on-site sampling, the inspection items meet the "WJ 9045-2004" relevant requirements.
          Eight patents for utility models have been obtained, and the technology and equipment of automatic relay and detonator injection are innovative. The research and development project reached the international advanced level, the appraisal committee agreed to pass the scientific and technological results appraisal.
          The conference was attended by the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Jilin Province, the Ministry of Defence of Shanxi Province, the Department of Industrial and Industrial Administration and the Civil Explosion Bureau, seven experts from the Identification Commission and project developers from Changchun Huiwei Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., Shanxi Huohua Group Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Shenli Resources Group Ltd..